= Warning! May contain traces of nuts.
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GELATI ALLA CREMA milk eggs nuts gluten
Amarena Variegato (Fior di Latte with Sour Cherries) [icon name=icon-ok]
Amaretto [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-ok]
Arachidi (Peanut Butter) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-ok]
Banana [icon name=icon-ok]
Biscotti (Cookies) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-warning-sign] [icon name=icon-ok]
Budino di Riso (Rice Pudding) [icon name=icon-ok]
Butterscotch [icon name=icon-ok]
Caffe' (Coffee) [icon name=icon-ok]
Cannella (Cinnamon) [icon name=icon-ok]
Caramello (Caramel) [icon name=icon-ok]
Cassata Siciliana (Fresh Ricotta) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-warning-sign]
Castagna (Chestnut – Oct & Nov) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-ok]
Ciocco Arancia (Chocolate with Orange) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-warning-sign]
Ciocco Lampone (Chocolate with Raspberry) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-warning-sign]
Ciocco Peperoncino (Chocolate with Cayenne Pepper) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-warning-sign]
Ciocco Rhum (Chocolate with Rum) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-warning-sign]
Cioccolato (Chocolate) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-warning-sign]
Cocco (Coconut) [icon name=icon-ok]
Dolce di Latte (Dulce de Leche) [icon name=icon-ok]
Fior di Fragola (Strawberry) [icon name=icon-ok]
Fico (Fig – Aug & Sept) [icon name=icon-ok]
Gianduia (Chocolate with Hazelnut) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-ok]
Liquirizia (Licorice) [icon name=icon-ok]
Mascarpone (Fresh Italian Cheese) [icon name=icon-ok]
Menta Cioccolato (Mint with Chocolate Pieces) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-warning-sign]
Mokaccino (Coffee and Chocolate) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-warning-sign]
Nocciola delle Langhe (Hazelnut from Langhe) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-ok]
Nutella [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-ok]
Olio d'Oliva Extra Vergine (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) [icon name=icon-ok]
Panna Cotta (Fior di Latte with Caramel) [icon name=icon-ok]
Pistacchio di Bronte (Pistachio of Bronte) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-ok]
Ricotta con Fichi Caramellati (Ricotta with Caramelized Figs) [icon name=icon-ok]
Stracciatella (Fior di Latte with Chocolate Pieces) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-warning-sign]
Te' Verde (Green Tea) [icon name=icon-ok]
Tiramisu' [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-ok]
Torrone di Cremona (Nougat from Cremona) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-ok]
Torta di Natale (Eggnog Chocolate Milk and Sponge Cake) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-warning-sign] [icon name=icon-ok]
Vaniglia del Madagascar (Vanilla from Madagascar) [icon name=icon-ok]
Yogurt ai Frutti di Bosco (Yogurt with Mixed Berries Sauce) [icon name=icon-ok]
Zabaione [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-ok]
Zenzero (Ginger) [icon name=icon-ok]
Zucca (Pumpkin – October & December) [icon name=icon-ok]
Zuppa Inglese (Eggnog) [icon name=icon-ok] [icon name=icon-ok]

Add an old-time touch to your party with the magic of one of Italy’s most wonderful traditions!

For special, unforgettable parties, ask us for the complete kit of cups and spoons to enjoy gelato! We will take care of every detail to make your party special.

Have a break at your home or office and experience our gelato with your friends and loved ones. Because gelato is best enjoyed together.

Would you like to make your work day a little bit sweeter? Leave it to us.

= Warning! May contain traces of nuts.
ico-latte ico-uova ico-noci ico-grano
SORBETTI milk eggs nuts gluten
Albicocca  (Apricot – May to Sep)
Ananas (Pineapple)
Anguria (Watermelon – Jun to Aug )
Arancia Limone (Orange Lemon)
Ciliegia (Cherry)
Cioccolato Fondente (Dark Chocolate)
Cocco (Coconut)
Fragola (Strawberry)
Frutti di Bosco (Mixed Berries)
Frutto della Passione (Passion Fruit)
Kiwi (Kiwi)
Lampone (Raspberry)
Lime (Lime)
Limone (Lemon)
Mandarino (Mandarin)
Mango (Mango)
Pera (Pear)