Malaga Gelato was created by the Sicilians. By soaking them overnight and mixing them into vanilla gelato, raisins provide a sweet burst of alcohol in every bite. This unique flavor was first made with Malaga raisin, a famous sun dried Spanish muscat grape, known to be the oldest grape in the world.

This flavor’s history is deeply rooted in the Italian tradition of quality desserts: very popular in the 70’s, it is now considered one of the most nostalgic and artisanal flavors for gelato.

Sicily is the only Italian area where Pistachio grows. The intense green color and full flavor of the Pistachios from Bronte, which are one of a kind, derive from they being grown in the infertile lava ground around the Etna Vulcano. This is why they are a Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P.) and to us, they perfectly symbolize the taste and quality of our Italian heritage.