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Gelati alla Crema e alla Frutta

Our gelato start with passion, with the excellent Italian tradition to find and use and offer you only the best from the best ingredients. But what is the gelato? Gelato is a traditional Italian cold sweet consisting of simple and genuine ingredients (milk, sugar, cream, fruits, etc.). The mixture of these ingredients undergoes a rapid freezing and simultaneous shaking that allows it to incorporate air and assume that solid, soft and inviting appearance that we all know from childhood. Good gelato is characterized by that balance of seasonality, fresh ingredients, the absence of additives, dyes, hydrogenated fats, etc, a low content of air and a very rich taste.


For those who love fruit, there is nothing more refreshing in the summer than a good sorbetto. If I had to find a type of gelato to most represent our Italian tradition, it would certainly be the sorbetto. It derives from the “icy sweetened waters” of many centuries ago. It was instinctive for each population in contact with the snow to practice mixing it with sweet juices and fruit or simply to use it as refreshment. Several sources affirm the skills attained by the Greeks and the Romans in the art of collecting and preserving the snow.