lartedelgelato-ingredientsThe tradition of Italian gelato is ancient and has an importance recognized throughout the world. In spite of the challenges this heritage has evolved and been handed down through the centuries with continuity and persistence right up to our times.

Unfortunately, the lack of legislation both in Italy and in the USA which regulates and protects ultimately the authenticity of gelato has permitted the birth of companies which claim to be Italian gelato but are not. That’s why the first ingredient of our gelato is a true foundation under the banner of authentic italian tradition. I have travelled and researched extensively in Italy, then pooling in L’Arte del Gelato according to my sensitivity, all those skills and factors that could contribute to this exciting project.

We have learned to respect taking proper time, because faster does not always mean healthier. It takes time to make gelato, but also to find the finest ingredients, to understand the connection with the terroir, to establish the human touch, before commercial ones. Our mission has been to build a community of people around gelato, from the producers of raw materials up to the Italian gelato craftsmen, who could work together to give you that authentic emotion of gelato, like the one I remember from my childhood. In this society, which gives priority to profit, we feel privileged because we are free from this cage allowing us to express ourselves: for this we define ourselves as unique among many others.