A very good gelato is the perfect balance of autenticity, excellet raw ingredients and a nice place where to share happy moments. Our product is of course at the center of our activity: milk, heavy cream, eggs, fresh fruit, sugar, dried fruits, cocoa and chocolate or coffee are our story’s main protagonists. We start from there. We start from a few real ingredients, natural and genuine. As soon as our gelato is prepared, fresh everyday, we proudly present it in our shops.

After many years in business, you can now find L’Arte del Gelato in the very heart of New York City, counting many glamorous locations in the most renowned corners of Manhattan.

Starting from Chelsea Market, the large culinary loft and a long block of red bricks not far from the Hudson River, you can spot us at the Natural History Museum. The High Line is one of our beloved summer locations, along with the famous “stage” of the Lincoln Center Plaza. Recently joining the list here’s the stunning Oculus at World Trade Center, the energetic hub in downtown.

Very often you can meet musicians, performers, artists on your way: you’ll be inspired at every scoop. We enjoy all of that beauty every day. Welcome to our world!