Photo Gallery

Our old-time logo is the focus of every happening at L’Arte del Gelato: when you spot a pink tent and a vintage cart, it’s us! When you see and old Fiat 500 darting through the city street, dressed in white and pink, it’s us! When you find happy people enjoying and sharing the Italian taste for real gelato and la “Dolce Vita”, it’s still us!

So have a look at our many adventures below: there you’ll find the joy of belonging to an extended special family and to an heritage, the Italian one, which is full of sun and colors! Certainly you’ll go for being a part of our world, too.

In Italy, no moment is memorable without gelato! – 2020

Columbus Day Parade 2016, New York



Team Building

Festa Del Gelato 2014

Carnevale Di Venezia 2013