Press Reviews

August 2018
Un Gelato alla Bowery
La tradizionale dolce arte Siciliana prende per la gola Manhattan grazie alla costanza di Francesco Realmuto, Palermitano di Baucina.
February 2018
Voglio Vivere Così
Francesco Realmuto: vivere e lavorare a New York City
November 2017
America 24
Gli Usa amano il gelato italiano. E non confondetelo con l'ice cream.
April 2017
Sicilia-New York sola andata: una lunga storia d'amore (gastronomico).
I locali che celebrano la cucina siciliana nella Grande Mela sono tantissimi. Dal gelataio che per primo ha sdoganato il nostro prodotto artigianale, fino alla rosticceria "on the road", un mondo coloratissimo tutto da scoprire.
August 2016
Il Messaggero
Il Re dei Gelati di New York
August 2016
Fed Guides
Eating & Drinking near the High Line
August 2016
AM New York
Gelato in NYC: Where to scoop up the Italian-style ice cream
July 2016
Time Out
A food walking tour of the High Line
June 2016
La Voce di New York
Per contare all’ONU, l’Italia ha geopolitica e… gelato!
June 2016
La Voce di New York
To Make it into the UN Elite, Italy’s Got Geopolitics and… Gelato!
June 2016
L'Arte del Gelato is featured as one of the 8 Food Halls to visit now – by Mike Lubin of Brown Harris Stevens
October 2015
Quotidiano di Sicilia
Gelato Artigianale: viaggio Baucina - New York di solo andata
September 2015
Sicilia Informazioni - US OPEN 2015
Pennetta - Vinci: Orgoglio tricolore. E a NYC c'è anche il gelato artigianale siciliano.
June 2015
Francesco Realmuto is the undisputed king of New York gelato
December 2014
"Lucio Luca, giornalista di Repubblica, racconta le storie che vedono protagonisti quei siciliani che sono riusciti, con impegno, a raggiungere il successo in America"
October 2014
Ice Cream O'Clock
L'Arte del Gelato's flavor compilation was impressive for a gelateria.
Summer 2014
The Queens Courier
"Long Island City is getting a taste of "la dolce vita": L'Arte del Gelato opening factory, first Queens spot in LIC.
June 2014
Gambero Rosso
Realmuto: il siciliano che insegna la differenza tra ice cream e gelato negli USA.
June 2014
Fox News
NYC ice cream and gelato to try this summer.
Summer 2014
Mandarin Quarterly
Francesco Realmuto Entrepreneur
March 2014
Super Delicious Gelato Ice Creme
June 2013
High Line Blog
Faces Behind the Food: Francesco Realmuto of L'Arte del Gelato
June 2013
NBC New York
My New York: Bobby Flay Watch the video!
August 2012
I's the best gelato I've had in New York - and that's coming from a native Italian.
March 2011
New York Post
L'Arte del Gelato is in the running for one of five coveted spots to be awarded to artisnal/gourmet food carts on the Highline this summer.
September 2010
NY Best Pix Gelato
"L'Arte del Gelato is also an authentic Northern Italian concept. This gelato tastes like it comes straight from Italy and is super flavorful."
April 2010
The City Sweet Tooth Blog
"Chocolate and Charity... special chocolate gelatos (11 kinds!) at a special price ($2) and all proceeds will benefit sick children. What's not to like?!"
March 2010
Serious Eats
"L'Arte del Gelato can do no wrong."
October 2009
Village Voice
"You might as well be in Italy."
October 2009
Serious Eats
"...sublime magic... a simultaneously creamy and silky wonder."
July 2009
New York Daily News
"Try the pistachio, made from nuts harvested in the city of Bronte, Italy."
June 2009
Tasting Table
"Summer sandwich: gelato + brioche = the perfect portable snack."
June 2009
The City Sweet Tooth Blog
May 2009
New York Website
L'Arte del Gelato website is powered by Hypnotech Solutions
June 2009
America Oggi
...un gelato "glocal" per Manhattan...
June 2009
"…the gem in the rough… powerful flavors… smooth texture…"
June 2009
Cravings Blog
"Grand re-opening… The L’Arte del Gelato family will be there to welcome you with a complimentary gelato!"
May 2009
New York Post
"Best gelato… 50 freshly made rotating flavors… if you’re lucky, you’ll catch them baking waffle cones right at the counter."
July 2008
New York Magazine
"…small-batch artisan gelato and sorbetto, made fresh daily from the finest fruits, nuts, and chocolates…"
July 2008
Best of New York Award
"Best of New York in the Food Markets category."
July 2008
The L Magazine
"…creamy… smooth and refreshing, the frozen essence of the fruit. Perfect for a hot day!"
July 2008
New York Magazine
"Critics’ Pick: ...up-and-coming mini-chain... For a sweet and simple dinner-party finish, there’s a 30-serving party pack."
May 2008
West View
"He insists on using only top-quality, fresh ingredients."
December 2007
Time Out
"…24 delicious flavors…"
December 2006
The New York Times
"…an unexpected star… vibrant sorbets and suavely creamy gelatos."
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