April 14, 2021

Read your Gelato Horoscope & Order your Pint at GrubHub!

L’Arte del Gelato is now delivering via GrubHub: before placing your order, find how your favorite flavor says a lot about your personality!


Vanilla is the most classic taste. If your favorite gelato flavor is cream, you are a person who goes straight for the best option when asked to try something new, you want “la creme de la creme”. Moreover, you are certainly someone who get straight to the point and you don’t like half measures. You love the best things only, you’re demanding and gentle, sweet and decise.


Chocolate is children’s favorite flavor par excellence. If your favorite flavor is chocolate it means that you are still a child 🙂 or an adult who likes to indulge in pleasant moments of relax and light-heartedness, such as eating gelato. You don’t really like sophistication or complexity, and if you get your face dirty with chocolate … who cares!


Nocciola is the taste of wisdom. If your favorite flavor is hazelnut this means that you are a wise person, as usually hazelnut is liked by the elderly. Most likely you prefer to think before acting, you are rather reflective than completely reckless. Also, you must be very passionate and warm, thoughtful and friendly.


Yogurt is the taste of the wellness. If your favorite flavor is yogurt it means that you are a sporty person who does not like to gorge too much on junk food (as you call it). When you speak you are usually a bit suspicious and before you get to know a person you need a little bit of time. However, you give your best self to your loved ones and you don’t hesitate to go back to an initial distance if you see that people are taking advantage of you.


Stracciatella is the taste of extravagance. If your favorite flavor is stracciatella the person who is reading this post is 90% someone who loves spontaneity. You probably love being with your feet on the ground but you also need to escape your routine, dance, run, and then go back to being your usual self. You’re smooth as milk cream and tasty as chocolate chips.


Fragola is the taste of childhood. If your favorite taste is strawberry you are most likely a dreamer, who loves to find refuge in the arms of his/her partner, like children in the arms of their mother: childhood is all about strawberry, elves and fairy tales and you would like to stay there forever!


Limone is the taste of freshness. If your favorite flavor is lemon it means that you are someone who doesn’t like the heat and loves to cool off with GELATO !! You love fruit, freshness in all its nuances, you love being in front of a fan with your gelato and indeed you eat it especially in winter when the word “Gelato” is almost a taboo.

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