July 20, 2021

Gelato pleasure starts from the brain!

The reasons why eating gelato causes great pleasure were stated in a recent release from Uber Eats.


The US online food ordering and delivery platform, in addition to informing that in the last 12 months it has detected a 380% increase in gelato ordered, asked for the opinion of a nutritionist biologist and a neuroscientist.

The Nutritionist


Martina Donegani, Biologist and Nutritionist, states: “In cream gelato, the attractive effect is evident because the perfect balance between sugar and fat ​ stimulates a great release of dopamine and serotonin, which allows to reach the so-called bliss point or ‘point of bliss’, where the apex of sensory enjoyment is reached.


The Neuroscientists


Neuroscientists also agree on the complicity of the brain when ice cream comes into play, as Agnieszka Kolasinska of Kellify, a startup specializing in Emotional AI, explains: “The satisfaction and pleasure of eating gelato comes thanks to the activation of brain reward systems, even more alive in sweet foods.


Taste, smell, touch and sight contribute to the affective stimulation of our choice. But let’s not underestimate the visual impact: over 90% of what we process comes from the eyes and is even more crucial in food.


​Our brain opens to olfactory stimuli and taste only after colors and shapes have stimulated it, complicit in a selective sensory perception in intercepting the thousand variations that temptations put us in front of. We really eat with our eyes first ”.


Favorite Flavors


Finally, again from the Uber Eats survey, it appears that the preferred flavors in home-delivered gelato requests are, in order, Fiordilatte, Pistachio, Hazelnut, in 500g or 1kg trays.


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