November 18, 2020

Introducing Our New Website!

Enjoy the sunny pictures of Italy, where no moment is memorable without gelato!

L’Arte del Gelato is happy to introduce this new website, featuring our monthly menu, locations, and services!

While celebrating this launch, we are presenting a lovely shooting we just took in Italy, as we want to share the special connection we have with our Country of origin, homeland of gelato.

Enjoy the sunny pictures of our sea, where no moment is memorable without gelato!

Raffaele and Ludovica share the most authentic Italian vibes by enjoying their coppetta by a sunny beach in Sicily. Spot the Classic vintage Vespa and try not to say that this was a picture perfect, genuine and natural scene to immortalize! That’s exactly what our gelato is about: a few all-natural and fresh-every-day ingredients.



We are sure these pics make you want to have one: you are welcome to explore our services and get in touch with us!

Share our love for gelato and let us know your thoughts out our new website, we love hearing from you <3

Talk soon and stay safe,

L’Arte del Gelato